Spray Tanning

May Special

$10 Off Mobile Spray Tanning

Come relax and experience our glow.


A sunless tanning solution! This organic, paraben-free solution dries quickly, smells like the beach,, and leaves you feeling refreshed! 

Tanning Services

  • Full Body Tan (in studio) $40
  • Unlimited Monthly Package (in studio) $150
  • Unlimited Mobile Monthly Package $200
  • Mobile Spray Tan $60
  • Party Package (5 Friends) $200

Before your appointment:
Shower / shave / exfoliate. No lotion or deodorant. Light makeup OK.

After your appointment:
Stay as dry as possible for at least 6-8 hours. Wear loose clothing if possible. Avoid skin exfoliants Moisturize twice daily. Avoid chlorinated pools.

Schedule workouts after your first shower. Apply SPF as needed. Avoid skincare products Dure containing mineral oil.

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