Hybrid/Volume Training

Training & Kit: $1050

In this course our certified Instructors focus on the art of fan making using the Zoe’s Lashes Brand luxury lashes. Instructors will show you how to perfect techniques in fan making so you are able to create gorgeous, full, lush lash sets.

Course Details

Our 2 day Hybrid & Volume eyelash extension training course is for the experienced eyelash artist already trained in classic eyelash extensions.

The cutting-edge volume eyelash application techniques demonstrated during this eyelash fan training course originated in Russia. The volume fan techniques you learn in day one will help you personalize sets. These improved sets will be lighter in weight than classic lash sets. Instructors will focus on advanced techniques, product knowledge, styling and lash mapping. All students upon graduation become part of the Zoe’s Lashes community. You will have lifetime support through our online group, you will be invited to our Lash Meet Ups and specialized classes. You will receive a lifetime discount on all products and courses. This Program Requires $200 Deposit and It’s NONE Refundable* The cost of our 2-day training and certification is $1050 and includes our kit, certificate.

Course Breakdown