Lash Certifications

Have you ever thought of becoming a Certified Lash Artist?


Get Lash certified in advanced lash techniques with elite private training. Zoe has over 6 years of lashing experience, has owned her own Lash Bar for 5 years and trained all of her staff 1:1 to help them build businesses of their own.


You will also get mentoring after the training is complete, so you can really be the best at your skill. You can expect to get the best hands on training with Zoe.

Kit Included

Our certifications include 1 day Classic Beginner Lash, 2 days Hybrid & Volume lash. Kits are included. You must be a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, or medical professional to certify (Depends on which state you are going to work at). Any Hybrid or Volume training requires previous lashing experience and submissions of current work.